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September 20, 2013
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Hetalia Germany Modavational By Awsomeprussiap by Wafflegirl12331p

  A dirty hoodie hugged your dirty and torn shirt, a pair of some-what dirty dark pants, a bandana over your mouth and nose, and a pair of fingerless gloves was all that you wore. It might of looked like you were a homeless person. Wait, that's exactly what you were. Homeless.More or less, a criminal. Yes. A criminal. How else would you get food? Die or Pickpocket. And Pickpocket it was.
    You were currently in Frankfurt, Germany. A crowded, yet, enough place were you could run if your next target. Sliding into the crowd of people, you noticed many unfamiliar faces. All of the people looked well fed, making you stand out a bit more. Your bandana was currently over your neck, so you didn't look that suspicious. Your hood was down also. 
    You saw a seemingly wealthy man caught your attention. He was a short Asian man, dark hair that seemed like an almost perfect cut. 50 dollars was hanging out of his pocket, just waiting to get stolen. You started walking faster in order to catch up with the man. Slipping around him, you skillfully grabbed onto the dollar with two fingers and pulled it out. He turned and looked down at you.
    He was handsome. Though his brown eyes showed very little emotion, you can tell all that was in there, was anger. You slipped on your bandana quickly, pulled on your hood over your head and ran. For once this was the first time someone caught you. What will happen? Will you go to jail? What about being their slave? What if you will just get starved?
    Leaping onto the trashcan, you crabbed onto a window and pulled yourself up to you could reach the gutter which you pulled yourself to the roof after that. Scrambling to regain balance you saw the Asian talking to two men, who all split up.
    Do I have 3 men after me now?! You looked down and saw the Asian walking away calmly and then slipping into an alley way. Yep... You sprinted from your spot, running across a building. You stopped at the edge of a building. Preparing you jump, you heard a voice.
    "Stop." His voice was deep and would probably make a baby cry. Turning around you saw a very muscular man, his eyes were icy baby blue. If you could even put baby in there. His hair was blond and slicked back into a neat manner. 
    Under your bandana you smirked and pounced onto the other roof. You heard a loud step, the man obviously trying to grab you some how. You landed on the other side, The man not grabbing you. You looked up and saw him standing on the edge, his face flushed from anger. 
    Smirking again, you ran across the buildings. Of course, after years of learning how to pickpocket you knew fast and safe routs even if you weren't from around the area. While running the building stopped. You stopped right at the edge, almost falling off.
    "Ack." You mumbled, hoping no one was around to hear you. Pouncing off the building, you glanced below you, a chestnut haired man with a strange curl, bouncing on his side. He seemed to be looking for something. 
Probably me. You finally landed on the other side, making an almost silent thump in the process. You ran across the building, knowing you were rearing an abandon house. It was told to look normal with the buildings around it, but due to how ugly it looked inside no one bothered to fix it so no one bought it.
    You saw the house.
     It was a small house. The windows were dusty. Paint was chipping. Though, it seemed like a really happy to you. At least it was a house. You haven't even stepped foot into one for who knows how long! Leaping from a roof, you grabbed onto the gutter and swung yourself the side of the wall. Letting go, you fell a couple feet but finally landed on the ground.
    You rushed to the door, grabbing onto the handle and tried twisting it. The wood must of been swollen from rain and the handle was rusty because it was hard to twist. 
    "Du, halt!" You froze. That voice.... turning you saw the man from earlier charging at you, his eyes full of anger. Your eyes probably grew the size of dinner plates. You ran, climbing onto a house again, this time, a bit quicker. I'm not going to die from a stupid man! Before your whole body got onto the roof, he grabbed your foot. Yes. He grabbed your foot. 
    "Hey! Get off o-of me!" Your voice stuttered, from fear and also not being able to eat in a long time. He grunted and pulled you down onto the ground, making you fall and land on your bum. Your hood fell off of your head revealing your (h/c) hair. Your bandana fell off in the process also.
    He stood there. Just staring at your hair.
    "Jour a girl...?" He almost seemed like he's never seen a girl before. You stood up and faced him, even if he was a  little bit taller.

    "Have you never seen one before?" you growled, obviously having a little fun with taunting him.
    "No. I've just never seen a girl run zhat fast or jump roofz like you."
    You heard calming pitter-patters of two set of footsteps. Turning your head you saw the curl-dude and an Asian.
    "Kon'nichiwa," the Asian bowed to you, even though you stole 50 dollars from him. You could of sworn you saw his eyes widen a bit when he saw you.
    "You're a girr?" You nodded to his question.
    "Ah~Si! A girl!" You turned your attention to the voice. 
    "Yes...A girl..." You said with a bit of irritation. You remembered something. The Blond was about to take you into the police, you were standing in front of the person you pickpocketed, and some random Italian who was probably sleeping because you couldn't see his eyes.
I really hope you guys will like this new series. Sorry if there is any mistakes and please comment if you notice one because I really don't want to see the whole internet laugh at me because of a mistake.
Well anyways, I will TRYYYYYY my very best to post a story every other day.
But you know.
I'm lazy.

Chapter 1: You are here stooped.
Chapter 2:…
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